Software Architecture Foundation

iSAQB Certification preparation

Software Architecture Foundation training course provides the knowledge and skills to design, communicate, evaluate, maintain, and enhance software architectures based on customer requirements and constraints.
This accredited CPSA Foundation training course is based on the current ISAQB® syllabus and the corresponding certification examination. The CPSA Foundation training course provides the knowledge to successfully pass the internationally recognized iSAQB certification for software architecture.

The seminar has a workshop character with time for exchange ideas between participants as well as implement a software architecture design based on a real case study. Participants receive an interactive four-day training course with practical exercises and case studies that reinforce what they have learned.

Participants will expand their existing experience and skills in software development in the areas of design principles, patterns, and tactics to fulfill specific quality requirements.

Seminar objectives

After completing this course, participants will have attained the following knowledge:

  • Definitions, benefits and goals of software architecture
  • The tasks and responsibilities of software architects
  • Stakeholder concerns and interaction
  • Functional and quality requirements, and other factors influencing software architecture design
  • Tactics and heuristics for architectural development, e.g. architectural and design patterns, design principles, cross-cutting concerns etc.
  • Documentation of software architectures on the basis of views
  • Evaluation of software architectures

Roger E. Rhoades

Mr. Rhoades is a certified trainer and consultant with over 20 years of practical experience at market-leading, multinational corporations, from designing mission-critical systems to defining business and IT strategy.

Mr. Rhoades supplements theoretical content with his practical experience to ensure that participants not only understand the relevant methods, but also the real-world challenges of their implementation.

Mr. Rhoades is an active member of the International Software Architecture Qualification Board (iSAQB https://isaqb.org). He actively defines and evolves the foundation and advanced curricula, exam questions, and case studies in addition to the iSAQB glossary.

Out of over 300 iSAQB CPSA Foundation participants, 96% passed the certification exam after attending a training session conducted by Mr. Rhoades.

Mr. Rhoades regularly presents his knowledge at international conferences (e.g. EAMKon, Lean42 EAM).

Mr. Rhoades is a native English speaker and fluent in German and has international experience with different cultures worldwide.

Roger Rhoades



  • Role and tasks of the software architect
  • Architecture in the software lifecycle
  • Relationship between architecture and organization (Conway's Law)
  • Project vs. architecture goals
  • Requirements, constraints and quality models


  • Correct cutting of blocks and interfaces
  • Principles and heuristics
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Architectural Patterns (Layers, SOA, Microservices, ...)
  • Design Pattern (Adapter, Factory, Observer, ...)
  • Cross-cutting concerns (logging, error handling, virtualization, ...)
  • Design decisions

Description and communication

  • Different views: system, building block, runtime, deployment
  • Modelling with UML
  • Templates (arc42)


  • Architecture metrics
  • Measure software architecture continuously
  • Review with ATAM


  • Requirements management
  • Static and dynamic architecture analysis
  • Build and configuration management
  • Many practical examples and tips.


5-8 October, training from 09:00 to 17:00
10 October, 10.00 – 14.00, exam questions workout*.

Useful for those who is going to pass an exam, but also helpful for all other participants

Target audience & Required skill

This course is aimed at software developers and architects and other IT professionals.

  • 3+ years of experience in IT development and practical programming experience
  • A basic knowledge of UML is advantageous


Exam will take place online, anytime, anywhere. Guidance will be provided.

Required for participants

Laptops, tablets etc. to join online collaboration environment


€ 550


€ 268.50


€ 720
  • Q&A WORKOUT* - FREE (SAVE €50)
  • ISAQB FL EXAM – 160 (SAVE €18.5)

*Q&A workout – exam questions workout!

This is 4h long training, focuses only on the questions you will meet during the exam. During this session Roger will give you info about the exam – duration, number of questions and types of the questions you will meet. This session is intended for the skilled Software architects who feel confident and do not need full 4 days training, but still need some introduction info about the exam.