12:00 - 12:45


Senior Product Manager


Sasha is a Product Manager at GitHub, focused on helping engineers be successful with using GitHub for work as well as for open source. In her career, Sasha has worked in development, operations, consulting, and cloud architecture. Sasha is an organizer of DevOpsDays Chicago, a chair of DeliveryConf, and a published author.

Talk: Survival of the most open: Microsoft’s Open Source Journey

10 years ago, Microsoft considered open source “a cancer”. Today, the world has changed. Open source is now an integral part of every software application, GitHub has become the largest developer community on the planet, and Microsoft is one of the largest contributors to open source.
It doesn’t matter if you are a hobbyist, a start-up, or a bank, if you are flying rockets to the planets or even taking pictures of a black hole, open source is now vital to how you build software. Sasha will share the highlights from Microsoft's historical pivot to open source, explain how even the unlikeliest companies can learn to successfully contribute to open source, and how you can apply the mindset of openness and collaboration “within your firewall” to empower your organization to achieve more.
This presentation explains that there is never a single problem or goal, for which a simple solution exists. Problems and goals belong together and are present at different levels. To get real value from IT, a Business Analyst should investigate the complete landscape of problems and goals. Only from there, feasible solutions can be worked out and clients can choose the options that are most valuable to them.