Vladyslav Kurmaz

Solution Architect

Company: Customertimes

Stream: С

Time: 15:00 - 15:45

Country: Ukraine

Language: English

Talk: Project bootstrap - from weeks to hours

About the Speaker

20+ years in Software Development on different positions. Last 6 years, I've been working as a Solution Architect and was heavily involved into Presales and projects bootstrapping. The main focus during last years is Cloud Agnostic approaches, Hybrid Cloud solutions and Blockchain technology. I’m an author of Software Engineering Course: https://swe-course.github.io/#/
This is my open-source project: https://www.npmjs.com/package/tln-cli

Talk: Project bootstrap - from weeks to hours.

Talk consists of two parts.
First one (~20%) will cover key ingredients which help us build enterprise grade development process: git subtrees, accelerators - semi-finished libraries for a lot of domains/ecosystems (React, Node.js, AWS/Azure/CGP, Go etc.), 90+9+1 Release model, 4D configuration space. During the second part (~80%) we will setup new microsevices based project from the scratch using mono-repo configuration, prepare uniform Dev/CI build environment, setup CI/CD using Jenkins and deploy application into three major providers AWS/Azure/GCP using Terraform & Helm.