Volodymyr Shynkar

Senior Lead DevOps Engineer

Company: Intellias

Stream: А

Time: 17:00 - 17:45

Country: Ukraine

Language: English

Talk: Kubernetes and container security

About the Speaker

I have almost 9 years of experience in engineering and 7 of them as a DevOps. During that time, engineering become my passion and lifestyle.
Always trying to integrate technologies and automate things in my life and projects. Highly focused on the balance between cost-effective and
most performed infrastructure. An active member of COE and always involved in such activities as presale, interviews, assessments, and consulting. During my career journey, I had a chance to work in various areas, from gambling to healthcare, to even large automotive companies.

Talk: Kubernetes and container security

Everyone heard about Kubernetes. Everyone wants to use this tool. However, sometimes we forgot about security, which is important throughout the container lifecycle.
Therefore, our journey with Kubernetes security should begin in the build stage when writing the code becomes the container image.
Kubernetes provides innate security advantages, and together with strong container protection, it will be invincible.
During the sessions, we will review all those features and highlight which are mandatory to use. We will discuss the main vulnerabilities which may cause compromising your system.