Anton Weiss

Anton Weiss

Founder and CEO
Otomato Software
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Target audience

This workshop is for developers and IT operations teams who already use Docker and Kubernetes and wish to acquire practical understanding of the benefits and challenges of the service mesh pattern as implemented by Istio ecosystem.

Required skill

2+ years of experience in IT development/operations

Required for participants

Participants should have basic experience building and running Docker containers as well as basic Docker CLI knowledge. Basic Kubernetes usage experience and basic knowledge of Linux file system and network stack is also required.
Prior experience in developing web applications and knowledge of Python will be helpful but is not required. Basic knowledge of Linux file system and network stack.

Please bring your own laptop to this workshop.

October 9
Duration 10:00 — 17:00
Lunch 13:00 till 14:00

Workshop: Smart Deployment Patterns with Istio Service Mesh

Deploying microservices to Kubernetes (and other cloud-native platforms) is only easy in theory.

The inherent complexity of distributed systems requires new techniques of observability, analysis

and resilience. Service mesh is an infrastructure-based architectural pattern that makes these

techniques possible in a smart, centralised way.

Things we’ll get our hands dirty with:

  • building Docker images for our app
  • deploying app versions to Kubernetes
  • deploying and configuring Istio
  • monitoring app performance with prometheus
  • implementing the following deployment strategies:
    dark launch
    traffic mirroring


DevOps Enablement Expert with hands-on experience throughout the software development lifecycle - from design and development up to deployment, marketing and customer support. High expertise in designing and implementing Continuous Delivery for large-scale projects. Extensive experience building and managing infrastructure and DevOps teams.

- Deep understanding of Continuous Integration and Delivery processes.
- Proven IT business management skills.
- Focus on process improvement and optimization, making software businesses more efficient.
- Helping IT managers and CTOs drive cross-the-board DevOps transformation.

Internationally acclaimed speaker and trainer. Delivered talks and keynotes at: DevConTLV, DevOpsDays TLV and Moscow, DevOpsCon München,DevOpsPro Vilnius, DockerCon and Continuous Lifecycle London.

Specialties: DevOps, software delivery, process automation, continuous delivery, effective collaboration, Developer relations, technological evangelism.